First demos

From Jamie’s test program, I created a demo that returned pitch/roll values as integers, and rotated two Wiimote sprites based on the pitch/roll angle.  This way, the user can visualize the degree of rotation on the screen rather than looking at the Wiimote, which you can’t do if you’re paying attention to the monitor.  The demo also includes a little chrome ball rolling around, its speed based on accelerometer values. This is my first attempt at programming physics. It seems to work quite well. If you tilt the Wiimote, the ball speeds up until it hits the edge of the screen. Pretty simple.

Based on that demo, I started to create a labyrinth game, where you have to navigate a ball through a maze and avoid the holes, like the real game pictured below.
LabyrinthI traced a map from an image I found online. I had to make each wall/divider piece a separate sprite in Director because it will include white space as part of the sprite, which won’t do for collision detection.  I copied part of the code from the first demo to make the ball roll, and I had to tweak it around a bit. For some reason the speed at which this ball rolls is different from the smaller ball in the first demo.  I’m currently trying to figure out how to do collision detection on the walls.

A few books came in through ILL, mostly on game programming.  I’ll be reading through those soon.

Back to the labyrinth game.

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