Mac testing; sensor bar

On Friday, I tested the Wiimote Director test programs on an Intel iMac. I ran into several problems:
– The bluetooth connection insisted on entering a code to connect with the Wiimote, so it didn’t work.
– The Director/Wiimote Xtra is for PC only. It has a .x32 extension, which does not work on a Mac.
– GlovePIE also does not run on a Mac.
I downloaded DarwiinRemote to see if I could connect the Wiimote that way. The program did work with the buttons and accelerometer values (pitch and roll), but because Director will not run the program, I couldn’t test it.

It looks like the games/demos won’t be Mac-compatible, at least with the Director/Wiimote Xtra, but if I can find a GlovePIE equivalent for Mac, the demos/game will probably work cross-platform. The only issue then would be to change the input values for the controls so they correspond with whatever I set in the program (similar to GlovePIE).

I also got a Nyko Sensor Bar after deciding that I didn’t want to use candles or IR LEDs. The candles would be highly inefficient in a computer lab, and IR LEDs would need setting up and extra batteries, while the Wii sensor bar is just suited for the purpose. I tried out some PIE scripts for motion sensing, and it seems to work well on my laptop. There is some shaking since a laptop screen is a higher resolution than a TV, but I can basically use a Wiimote for a mouse cursor. The algorithm might have to be fine-tuned a little bit, though.

On a positive note, Jamie from Glisferox emailed back saying he might be able to work on adding Nunchuk/IR support for the Director Xtra soon, which means I will be able to work with motion sensing! We’ll see how that goes.

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