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Website layout completed, only need to add in content now. Poster layout also pretty much figured out, just need to start adding content later today. As for now, I’m still working on the last WiiPaint demo (v3 now). Last weekend, Nick coded some line, rectangle, and triangle recognition. I edited it a bit today and […]
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Feet Blogging

Idea from Photojojo.  If you’re wondering about these shoes, they’re Vibram Five Fingers.
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Project Website

Abstract is done. I’ve begun designing the website. There is no content right now, but you can see the layout so far here.
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Start of the end

For last week, I finished the Semaphore demo and fine-tuned the gesture recognition several times. Now, it highlights each flag diagram as you make it, including other letters that it also recognizes. Essentially, you hold the Wiimotes as you would flags, and point them at different angles around you. With two weeks left in the […]
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Wiiflash Paint 2, Semaphore

For the first half of the week, I made a new Wiiflash Paint application that maps the functions from the 2 Wiimotes in the first application to one Wiimote. This allows two users to draw at the same time. I added a lock color function and also an undo last stroke function.  Nick helped me […]
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