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WiiFlash Paint

Continuing with last week’s discussion and ideas, I created a WiiFlash Paint demo for this week, using two Wiimotes: one controls the style of the brush (color, size), and the other the location of the brush point on the screen using IR. This application can be used by one or two people, and can be […]
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I’ve officially made this page my official personal blog My thesis blog can be found by clicking up at the top, and I am adding a new Photography section where I’ll be uploading some of my pictures taken from around the world and the US. I might add some more content later; we’ll see how […]
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WiiFlash part 2

Whew, what a day! I spent 12 hours installing Virtual PC and setting up XP and Flash, only to realize that VPC does not support USB, which means it does not “see” my Bluetooth dongle. Then, I found VMWare Workstation, and had to repeat the process with installing XP (several times after I realized I […]
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I spent the first half of the week trying to get WiiFlash to work on my laptop.  First, I did some thorough search for all the Wiimote/Flash API’s on Google, and found a few sites devoted to actually creating Flash games for access from the Wii’s Opera browser. From a regular browser, the games are […]
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Short week, new direction

Last week was a short week; my birthday was on Monday and Friday was July 4th.  I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday trying to fix the labyrinth, and got pretty close to completing it, but not quite.  The code from the alpha channel demo is complex, and variable-naming did not help with the confusion, […]
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