Start of the end

For last week, I finished the Semaphore demo and fine-tuned the gesture recognition several times. Now, it highlights each flag diagram as you make it, including other letters that it also recognizes. Essentially, you hold the Wiimotes as you would flags, and point them at different angles around you.

With two weeks left in the program, I will be starting the write-up next week, which will include:
– Abstract
– Poster
– Website with how-to and screencasts (hopefully)
– Publishable paper

I will also be trying to squeeze in another Wiipaint demo (v3.0), which will recognize basic shapes as user draws them, and then use both Wiimotes to rotate/scale these shapes, multi-touch gesture style. Nick helped me code the first part – recognizing quadrilaterals and triangles. Most of the time will be spent on writing up the research project and designing the poster, since I will have at least a week after the program to work on more demos and trying out Papervision 3D.

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