Wiiflash Paint 2, Semaphore

For the first half of the week, I made a new Wiiflash Paint application that maps the functions from the 2 Wiimotes in the first application to one Wiimote. This allows two users to draw at the same time. I added a lock color function and also an undo last stroke function.  Nick helped me change the code a bit so that the brush properties are stored in an ActionScript file and accessed as a class, which cleaned up the code a lot.

We looked into Flash’s security settings in hopes that we can run the .swf independently from Flash CS3.  We got it to work locally, from Windows Explorer, but there are still issues with the .swf uploaded to a server and accessed online.

I decided not to do gesture-recognition inside the paint program, or at least to start off small with simpler gestures.  I thought of the YMCA “body alphabet” example, and a flag signal idea. Flag signals, or Flag Semaphore, uses two flags to code for letters and messages by presenting them at a certain angle at arm’s length. I thought this might be a good place to start off gesture recognition using the Wiimote, and am currently working on implementing a demo.

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