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WiiPaint 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

Finally, an update amidst all the application frenzy! 1.0.3 fixes: Registration point issue for all strokes and shapes. Now all the shapes and strokes are correctly centered after they are drawn. This was supposed to make scaling and rotating easier. 1.0.4 Scaling and rotating now at alpha level!  It’s still pretty basic but a lot […]
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WiiPaint 1.0.2

Fixed color patch issue where all the strokes were changing color simultaneously, to WP 0.1 functionality where color changes during each stroke. All the good features of 0.1-0.3 are now included in 1.0.2. Also, Nick helped me change the registration point of some of the shapes so that when scaling and rotating, it will start […]
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My good friends Nick, Scott, and George have released beta testing for Skritter, an online web app that helps you learn Chinese characters by prompting you to write the characters and tones and giving you stroke-level feedback. The program spaces out the characters based on whether you get them right or wrong, so you can […]
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Photos and stuff

My panoramas and new macros have been moved to Flickr for better storage/viewing, but you can see a slideshow on the Photography page. All the panoramas should be there, and macros will be added soon, as long as my monthly upload limit hasn’t been reached… Enjoy!
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Fall Semester updates

Back to school again, this time as a senior!  First few weeks have been busy figuring out schedules and finding a balance between academics and post-college business namely grad school search/applications and GREs.  I can only say that I’m really grateful for my wonderful thesis advisors who keep me sane and for having started my […]
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