Fall Semester updates

Back to school again, this time as a senior!  First few weeks have been busy figuring out schedules and finding a balance between academics and post-college business namely grad school search/applications and GREs.  I can only say that I’m really grateful for my wonderful thesis advisors who keep me sane and for having started my thesis this past summer.

In terms of grad school, I am looking at MAS at the MIT Media Lab, and HCI Masters program in CMU, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Michigan, and Indiana.  I am only sure about applying to the first 3 or 4 right now, and may add on more as I do more research.

I’m taking 3 classes this semester, which is both a blessing and perhaps will come back to haunt me next semester. Or not. I am taking Chinese 203, Christianity in Asia, and Thesis Research. None of my 4 psych classes opened up a spot, so I guess I will have to brave either 2 seminars or a seminar and independent study in psych next semester, which will prevent me from taking Introduction to HCI. The extra time this semester allows me to read more, focus on post-college preparations, and more time to work on my thesis, which is most important to me academically right now. (New updates re:thesis can be found in my Thesis Blog).

I’m still part of the same organizations as last year – WIVCF, Origami Club, and WAC, except senioritis is kicking in just for Origami Club. Planning a dim sum run sometime and definitely a workshop in November, but biweekly meetings just seem like too much for some reason.  I signed up for Ultimate Frisbee, then either chickened out or decided I was too busy to practice for 3 days a week.

Some events in the next months:
Nick is visiting for Fall Break
Taking the GREs in late October
Grad school deadlines in December and January
CHI 2009 Boston in April, which I am super-excited about.

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