WiiPaint 1.0.2

Fixed color patch issue where all the strokes were changing color simultaneously, to WP 0.1 functionality where color changes during each stroke. All the good features of 0.1-0.3 are now included in 1.0.2. Also, Nick helped me change the registration point of some of the shapes so that when scaling and rotating, it will start off in the center instead of the upper left corner.

Small update, but some of the time was spent analyzing current gesture recognition code and Didier Brun’s Mouse Gesture Recognition code. Nudoru has created a Wii remote version of that algorithm, and will be helping me with it, hopefully this weekend.

Next up will be the scaling algorithm, and perhaps a change in the gesture recognition depending on how this weekend goes. I’m only giving myself a week to fix this up more as I apply to the IRB to do a study on students here as they interact with WiiPaint.

This weekend I’ll also be drafting up proposals for the Daniels and Schiff Fellowships for senior projects/theses and working on the IRB forms.

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