WiiPaint 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

Finally, an update amidst all the application frenzy!

1.0.3 fixes: Registration point issue for all strokes and shapes. Now all the shapes and strokes are correctly centered after they are drawn. This was supposed to make scaling and rotating easier.

1.0.4 Scaling and rotating now at alpha level!  It’s still pretty basic but a lot better from version 0.3 from over the summer.  I made a screencast so you can kind of see it in action (it’s at 15fps so not very good quality).  After you lock both brushes onto a stroke, you can move them up/down or left/right to change the rotation and scaling respectively.  It’s pretty rough, but it does what it’s supposed to do.  One disappointing aspect was that the scaling/rotating algorithm I found online didn’t happen from the center for some reason, so I had to reposition the sprite as best as I could afterward. I also experimented with using the x-accelerometer value to do the rotating. Wasn’t as good as up/down movement of the Wiimote. Click the image below to go to the screen cast link (too big to fit on blog).

I think (and hope) I’m finally ready to do some actual testing with students and faculty.  Still debating if I should add support for 4 Wiimotes in this latest version. Code will get quite messy as I don’t want to spend much time on v1 any longer.  Anyway, drawing functions should be all set even though the recognition algorithm is still the same with a few minor changes.  I’m really looking forward to working on WiiPaint v2 within the next few weeks.  Next up will be working on the IRB forms for testing.

Scaling/rotating in WiiPaint 1.0.4

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