Future 101

I joke with my friends that even though I’m only taking 3 classes (including thesis) this semester, my 4th class is Future 101, where I’m applying to fellowships, grants, grad school, studying for the GREs, and figuring out what I can/want to do next summer.

So far I’ve worked on a Daniels and a Schiff Fellowship application for my thesis project which will give me up to $3000 to spend on research materials and to reduce work obligations this semester and during Wintersession. Don’t think I got the Daniels – the interviews are supposed to be today and I didn’t hear back from them, but I’m really hoping to get the Schiff as it would greatly help with this semester. Should find out in early November.

Some exciting progress on grad schools – I’ve finally picked 7 schools to apply to in HCI: CMU, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan! I’m really excited about applying for these schools and hope that I can find a right fit next March. Next step is to research faculty members that I want to work with and start emailing them.

Taking the GREs next Saturday. Will be working on practice tests this weekend. Hope I do better than I did on the SATs…

As for next summer. I have no clue. Still looking.

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