IRB stuff

Since my last update, I’ve had a Fall Break during and after which I’ve been vigorously working on graduate school business.  I’ve narrowed it down to 7 schools and will soon know which faculty members I want to work with.  This research, although fun, takes up a lot of time.

WiiPaint hasn’t been touched since the last version as I am also working on the IRB proposal to conduct a study with students and faculty on using WiiPaint.  I’m meeting with Takis today to go over the proposal and to discuss the structure of the study.  I’m hoping to run about 20 subjects over the course of a week as part of a pilot study evaluating the limitations of the current application.

While I wait to hear back from the IRB in the next week, I will be studying rather vehemently for the GREs, which I am taking next Saturday.  If there is any free time left from researching grad school faculty members, it will be devoted to starting WiiPaint 2.

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