Yay cookies.

I’ve been getting quite a lot of sign-ups the past few days.  I currently have 8 participants scheduled, at least 3 that have confirmed, and 4 more to be confirmed.  This Saturday I will be running the study for 6 people from 12pm – 5pm.  At this rate I will only need 5 more to complete the study, although it might be nice to take some extra people.

In my study proposal I had stated that there would be 10 sessions: 6 for the 2-Wiimote version, and 4 for the 4-Wiimote version.  These sessions are divided into: for those who have played the Wii before (and therefore know at least a little bit about the controls), and for those who have not played the Wii before.  I think it might be difficult to find enough people to fill all those session categories, especially for the 4-person 4-Wiimote sessions.  I think it’s better to focus on 1-2 and 2-4 person/Wiimote interactions, since those are probably closer to the actual usage of the current WiiPaint controls.

Commence Operation Cookie Baking tomorrow night!  Let’s hope Ran and I don’t eat them all…

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