Less busy. I guess.

Man, two weeks ago was brutal!  I’m glad to say that things have slowed down a bit, but it’s just the start of another exciting momentum leading up to the end of the semester.  Biggest relief is probably wading through all that Chinese homework and finally finishing the GREs!

I am drawing towards the end of a series of WiiPaint studies.  I’ve had 17 subjects and I only need to informally test it with some friends in Boston.  I’m meeting up with my thesis committee tomorrow to discuss findings and where I’m going from there.

Chinese class has slowed down.  Our wonderful professor is extending Lessons 18 and 19 so that we have more time to study the words.  I did well on the 2nd midterm, and aside from regular assignments there’s only the cumulative final to study for.

Religion class.  I’m getting the last (2nd) paper back today, and there is one more that’s due the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Then I’m done for that class.

Grad school essays.  I’ve started on those and the process is still a bit slow right now as I try to formulate a theme and  structure everything around it and the essay requirements.  I’m hoping to get a draft done by this weekend, except I have to change it about 7 more times for the other schools that I’m applying to.

I was able to switch planning for the Thanksgiving Potluck dinner with a friend, so I’m point person for this week’s large group instead.  RT was in the city last night so she got me some dumplings that I can make for next week’s potluck :D  The Praise Night next Sunday is going along well, too.

Origami Club so far is planning on a dim sum run next Saturday, and a workshop the weekend after Thanksgiving break.

All in all, going well.  The most important and time-consuming thing now is grad school essays.  After that, it will be my thesis wrap-up for this semester.

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