Warning: May cause [good] exhaustion.

After a long day conducting studies for WiiPaint, I just need a chance to sit back and reflect on what I’ve done and what I’ve been doing.  But it’s probably not a good idea to do this while in the middle of an email and doing work for graduate school at the same time.  Huh.  I multi-task and don’t even realize it sometimes.

I’m currently working on compiling a list of grad school faculty members, their research interests, and why I want to work with them for my three awesome recommenders (Thank you!). I’m down to the last couple of schools and should be able to finish those tomorrow morning.  After the list is sent, I will be starting my grad school essays.

I also need to study for a Chinese quiz on Monday and work on a presentation for the same class due Wednesday.  Then, we will be having an exam the following Monday, which I should start to study for early next week because Lessons 15-17 have about 70 new vocab word each, 20 more than the previous lessons.  Eek.  Luckily, I have Skritter ;)

I finished my 2nd religion paper today, to be handed in next Thursday.  I will have one more paper for that class due right after Thanksgiving.  Then I’ll be done with that class, no finals or anything :)

Next Saturday, I’m *finally* taking the GREs, after the hiccup that happened last week.  I borrowed a 2008 Peterson’s GRE prep book from a friend and hope to complete 2-3 more practice tests.

And last but not least, in terms of my thesis, I’ll be running studies for at least another week, then putting together the results in some sort of coherent order.  First day results were pretty interesting even though mostly predictable, but that just serves to strengthen some of my earlier convictions about WiiPaint 1.  Sometime during all the hubbub of the next 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, I’ll need to figure out what I want to put together for my final presentation at the end of the semester.  Another website?  Powerpoint?  Demo?

Oh, and somehow I got myself into organizing WIVCF’s Potluck dinner AND co-leading Worship Night during the same week before Thanksgiving.  I think most of the other big stuff isn’t due then, so I’m safe.

Wait, not done yet!  I’m also planning an Origami Club dim sum run AND workshop with B-Chan on 2 different weekends in the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, too!  Maybe one of these will have to be the week after. Hmm…

All of this is pretty overwhelming, but makes me feel productive in a good way.  It’s a good kind of exhaustion that I’m feeling today, one reminiscent of productivity with a hint of promise of more productive and rewarding days to come.  I will end by an…awesome…wallpaper:

PS. I just subscribed to Netflix yesterday.  Wicked excited about it.

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