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Bomomo lite

I’ve taken the Javascript file for and coded it into Actionscript 3.0 using FlashDevelop 3. The original bomomo had 20 different styles; this one only has one. I’ve also cleaned up the code and reduced it by about half so that it is a lightweight Flash application. You can check out the demo below […]
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How many ways can you use Google Earth?

What can Google Earth tell us about interface navigation design? Today, I’ve covered several basic navigational methods within Google Earth. It is a free software that allows you explore the earth and view satellite images, maps, terrain, etc of just about anywhere in the world.  Google Earth is available for PC/Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch. I […]
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Twitter Wordle

I came across Ankit Ahuja’s blog today and saw his Twitter Wordle blog post. For those of you who don’t know, Wordle is a simple online application that lets you create word clouds from text files or websites, emphasizing words that are used more often. I wanted to make my own but couldn’t find the […]
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Wintersession update

Here are a few things I’ve done for my thesis project so far this Wintersession: – Test a GlovePIE script to control Google Earth with a Wiimote. – Research other ways of using Google Earth with the Wiimote. Google at Macworld had a program that allowed you to “surf” in Google Earth using a Wii […]
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Social media explosion!

As I write this blog post, my hands twitch in frustration with old systems and excitement for some new changes.  These last few days I’ve been getting a little more into Twitter, following and reading a lot of posts and making little progress doing everything else I’m supposed to. As my panic level rises in […]
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