Post-Cirque update

Yesterday was the Cirque du CS during which I presented the lastest prototype of WiiPaint 2.  It looks drastically different from the lite bomomo version I posted a few weeks back.  I have some footage of WiiPaint 2 in action and hope to post it online within the next week. I was also interviewed for the Wellesley TV channel, which will be posted online next Friday :)

At the Cirque, I informally tested WiiPaint with everyone from kids to students to parents, observed their interactions, and marked down some of their suggestions.

– B button to toggle is drawing. Users naturally place fingers on trigger button.
– Confusion as to which dot is whose. Need to find a way to either make it obvious, or remove any distinction to add to the “wholeness” of the application.
– Questions about what the buttons do — should brainstorm ways to make a case for the Wiimotes. Perhaps they can be colored differently to match their respective drawing dots on the screen.
– Unless they are told what to do, users first experiment with xy-plane movements (point and click type movements), but when initially told how to interact, they get it almost right away. Likewise, when told what it does and why, users seem to like it a lot more than just exploring with it.
– Kids love shaking the Wiimote :D
– It would be cool to add in interaction between Wiimote circles, for example when two streams collide, they will merge colors, or, as one video-game fan suggested, “battle” each other. (Cool idea, but that probably won’t happen ;))

Anyways, stay tuned for some more video clips next week! In the meantime, I’ve created my first Youtube video of a screen capture of WiiPaint :)

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