The end is near!

Yikes! It’s been a while since I updated. After spring break, I wrapped up WiiPaint development, attended CHI 2009 (that’s another blog post right there :)), and now I’m working on a poster, a presentation, and the thesis write-up. WiiPaint right now includes support for up to 3 people with dynamic music that changes depending on how users move. The three Wiimotes are located in a hamster ball, cardboard tube, and strapped onto the body for individual or collaborative interaction (see video below). Many thanks to Michael Aldridge for the music piece, Dreaming Forever.

This Saturday is NEUCS where I’ll be displaying my poster and giving a presentation on WiiPaint.  The same poster will be presented at next weekend’s CCSCNE in Plattsburgh, NY, and WiiPaint will be showcased (in a gallery setting!) at Wellesley for the Boston CyberArts Festival.  The honors thesis paper is due on the Tuesday after that (4/28), immediately followed by another presentation at Wellesley’s Ruhlman conference (4/29). My thesis defense will be on May 15 at 11am.

Whew! I’m very fortunate to be working on something that I’m so excited and proud of :) I wish I could perfect it some more, but new adventures await me this summer and beyond! I will be staying at Wellesley to do research on supporting scientific discoveries using reality-based interaction (Android! MS Surface!), and this fall I will be joining Carnegie Mellon’s HCII.


WiiPaint demonstration 2 from Chloe Fan on Vimeo.

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