Updates + new design very soon

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost half a year since I last updated! So much to catch up on.

I worked with Orit Shaer on a Microsoft Surface project. Along with Catherine Grevet, Sarah Elfenbein, and Megan Strait, we created G-Nome Surfer, a genome browser for biology researchers. We interviewed many biologists and researchers to find out their work flow, collaboration tools and needs, and existing methods of browsing genomic data. Catherine and I familiarized ourselves with coding in XAML and C#, while Megan and Sarah worked out all the biological details — finding ontology information, gene and chromosome information, etc.

I also got some tiny experience working with Jmol (chemistry molecule viewer) and was able to export molecules into .dae format suitable for 3D printing. I got the molecule into Papervision 3D and hooked it up with a Wiimote. This side project didn’t get very far, but the idea was to play around with a new way of interacting with 3D scientific models by using Wiimotes for more intuitive navigation. I have lots of ideas about other ways we can accomplish this, to be saved for a different blog post.

In August, after the summer research program, I moved and settled in to my new home in Pittsburgh and started classes and research at CMU. I love it here! Getting used to a research environment definitely has its challenges, especially coming from undergrad with little research experience, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

That’s it for now. More blog posts to come related to current research I’m working on, and some new ideas I’ve been thinking about. This blog and my portfolio are undergoing a (much-needed) redesign this week, integrating the two together. The design is ready to be uploaded, but first I need to migrate my portfolio from the current site to WordPress for easier management. If you see some weird things around the site, or if it looks broken or something, chances are that I’m working on it. Please check back next week for the new site!

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