Mexico travel pack list

Today, I am headed to Mexico for 2.5 weeks with 4 other friends, passing through Guatemala and (hopefully) Belize on the way. My last gear post was for spending winter in the U.S., so the same stuff would not work for 85F weather abroad. We’re just going to wing the trip, so I will very possibly be doing lots of hiking and walking, Mayan ruin exploring, possibly cave diving, and enjoying the beaches. Here’s what I’m bringing.

Taken with an iPhone 4S so that both my cameras can be in the picture.

All of this fits into the backpack I mentioned in my last gear post. Here are the items by column, with links to Amazon if they have the specific product.

Column 1:
Headphones (I really need to get foldable ones…)
Cell phone charger
Kindle Keyboard
iPod Nano
Android phone (MyTouch 4G)
11″ Macbook Air and charger (got it in March for a trip to Costa Rica. SO worth it.)
Nikon D90 with 18-200mm lens (with CSLR strap) and extra battery
Canon S95

Column 2:
Convertible pants
Hiking capris
Shorts (for sleeping/beaching)
2 merino wool t-shirts
Merino wool cami (for sleeping mostly)
Toothbrush in holder (need to get a smaller one)
Toiletries bag
Tom’s of Maine deodorant
Hair tie and clips
Nail scissors (removed)
Eco-Dent tooth powder

Column 3:
2 pairs of merino wool underwear
2 bras
A pair of merino wool socks
Microfiber towel (this one came with the netted pouch, see below)
Money belt
Eye mask
Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook
Clear plastic rain poncho
Foldable hair brush
Nikon SB400 flash
GoToob with Dr. Bronner’s soap (tea tree)

Column 4:
Silk travel sheets
Netted pouch for storing the items below it
LED flashlight (removed, since I have a flashlight app on my phone)
First aid kit
Small bottle with ibuprofen and stomach relief medication
32GB flash drive
USB SD card reader
and charger
Hearing aid batteries (I’m hearing impaired)
Microfiber cloth
Lightweight wallet (I put it inside a small zip pouch afterwards. Would consider getting a money clip.)
Jawbone UP with charger
2 small notebooks
Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover
2 pens

Column 5:
600ml water bottle
Merrell barefoot shoes
Folder for holding documents
Prescription sunglasses
Swim goggles
Bathing suit
Pack of tissues

Additional items/changes:
I’m also bringing my military hat, Columbia fleece jacket, and lip balm. I’ve switched out the Adidas sandals for my Wellesley flip flops, which are lighter and the most comfortable flip flops I’ve had. I also decided to bring my camera battery chargers because I have the space, and because running out of batteries on my cameras would be the suckiest thing ever.

That’s about it. All of that stuff in a 33L backpack. I have a little more than I need, but I have the space and some of the smaller items have negligible weight. I’ve also saved some space for bringing gifts back (a hand crafted musical instrument?). I’m really looking forward to waking up in 3 hours and going on this trip! :)

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