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Mexico travel pack list

Today, I am headed to Mexico for 2.5 weeks with 4 other friends, passing through Guatemala and (hopefully) Belize on the way. My last gear post was for spending winter in the U.S., so the same stuff would not work for 85F weather abroad. We’re just going to wing the trip, so I will very […]
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Traveling as a PhD student

One thing that keeps me going is my desire to travel all over the world, learn several more languages1, and get out of my shell and make friends with the locals. Being in graduate school does not mean that this goal has to be put on hold; it’s actually given me some flexibility for traveling. […]
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Why I got rid of all games and social check-in apps from my phone

Last weekend, I decided to delete all of my games and social check-in apps from my phone. I had been checking in weekly (and more recently, daily) since October 2009, and had many hours worth of Angry Bird levels unlocked. So what pushed me over the edge? I was exploring San Francisco with my boyfriend, […]
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Summer 2011 Goals

This summer, in addition to interning at Nokia Research, Palo Alto, I have been venturing little by little outside of my comfort zone (social & physical) and adapting surprisingly well. Meeting interesting people and hearing from friends who are on their own adventures has inspired me to think about my own goals for the summer. […]
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Changing winds

The new minimalist theme reflects some changes that have recently happened in my life. In the past few months, I’ve been getting into books about travel1 because I realized that it’s one of the things that keeps life exciting and meaningful for me. I’ve also done a lot of thinking about what I’m passionate about […]
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