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Emotional design and social interfaces

Earlier today, I watched Objectified, a great documentary about industrial design.  It reminded me of how permanently-built and unsustainable many material things are, and how easy it is for us to form emotional attachments to objects with personal stories that we then are reluctant to part with.  At the same time, I was thinking about different […]
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Research focus, v.1

Last semester, I talked with my advisor, Jodi, about what I wanted to focus on for my research.  I decided that I liked WiiPaint’s research question, and tweaked it to ask broader questions such as: – How can we encourage people to approach and engage with technology in public spaces? – How can ambient technology […]
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HCI group on Google Wave

For those of you who have Google Wave and are involved in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, come say hi at the Wave HCI Group! If that link didn’t work, search for “with:public hci” click on “Wave HCI Group!” and introduce yourself You can also use “with:public” and any other keyword/s to find public waves […]
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How many ways can you use Google Earth?

What can Google Earth tell us about interface navigation design? Today, I’ve covered several basic navigational methods within Google Earth. It is a free software that allows you explore the earth and view satellite images, maps, terrain, etc of just about anywhere in the world.  Google Earth is available for PC/Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch. I […]
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Social interaction in ad-hoc communities

In preparation for my graduate school statement, I have been reflecting a lot on what I am excited and passionate about in HCI.  I encountered several ideas along the way that all point to something I called ‘local social collaboration,’ which with the help of my advisor Orit Shaer, was reworded to ‘social interaction in […]
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