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The end is near!

Yikes! It’s been a while since I updated. After spring break, I wrapped up WiiPaint development, attended CHI 2009 (that’s another blog post right there :)), and now I’m working on a poster, a presentation, and the thesis write-up. WiiPaint right now includes support for up to 3 people with dynamic music that changes depending […]
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Changing affordances

The Cirque two weeks ago provided an opportunity to observe users while they interacted with WiiPaint. The two things that stuck out most were: – Most users asked if the buttons had a function – Point and click gestures were still the most popular, unless I showed users how to move in WiiPaint It was […]
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Post-Cirque update

Yesterday was the Cirque du CS during which I presented the lastest prototype of WiiPaint 2.  It looks drastically different from the lite bomomo version I posted a few weeks back.  I have some footage of WiiPaint 2 in action and hope to post it online within the next week. I was also interviewed for […]
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Reactions to WiiPaint 2

Last Friday I had my first meeting with my thesis committee after coming back from Wintersession and presented the beginning of WiiPaint 2.  Currently, it looks like bomomo lite (see previous post) and is used with the Wiimote by pressing the B button. Here is a summary of the comments and suggestions. – Wiimote response […]
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WiiPaint site live!

The WiiPaint project website is now up and running :)  Please take a look and feel free to email me with any questions or feedback.
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